Shadab company’s capabilities
following up to dozens of developmental and agricultural projects in deprived areas of Sistan and Balochestan and access to the latest methods and technical and executive standards of Shadab construction company with the help of experienced managers and experts with the full range of equipment and machinery of a full specialized and advanced machine, its full readiness is announced to design and execute any large and complex project in the most impassable areas and in the shortest possible time ,
with regard all the technical support and technical specification and with the most appropriate method of execution designed and implemented.
Shadab Nikshahr road construction company has started its activity in years 1374 with the register number 17, and this company is in line with road construction projects in total, more than 380 km of road has been built.
In line with agricultural activities including drainage and construction of irrigation and soil watering Canlas, it has been a great activity and has exploited, it should be mentioned that a large part of the activities of this company were concentrated in the deprived areas and rural roads.


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